Growing healthy kids.

The Search Institute has developed a list 40 Developmental Assets, positive experiences and personal qualities that young people need to mature into caring, responsible adults. Research suggests that the more of these assets a child possesses, the more likely he or she will grow up to be healthy and productive.

The 40 assets include external factors such as family support, a caring neighborhood and school environment, and involvement in religious, community or youth programs. The assets also include internal factors such as a commitment to learning, a sense of responsibility, planning skills, and self esteem.

For Houston’s Kids hopes to ensure that every child has ready access to the assets they need to mature successfully. By identifying communities where the 40 assets are not readily available to children, and by coordinating volunteers, organizations and resources, our intent is to fill the gap, ultimately raising whole and healthy kids in every neighborhood across the city.

The eight service areas found on the Volunteer section of our website each represent a group of assets needed by kids of all ages.   Service opportunities found under each are generally related to the name given the service area:  Adventure & Discovery, Character & Values, Creativity Skills, Education & Learning, Family Support, Health & Nutrition, Mentoring, and Physical & Sports Activities.

To see a complete list of the 40 Developmental Assets, click here.